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UP Management was founded by Uwe Placzek (born 1969), an internationally experienced Senior Manager and entrepreneur with a broad technical background and more than 20 years’ experience in setting up and leading high-performance small and mid-sized teams (both in SME and corporate environments) for realising highly innovative projects and businesses delivering world-class products.

He gathered extensive cross-industry experience in diverse branches such as Digital Media, e-Commerce, IT, Telecom, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive.

Throughout his career, Uwe held various senior and executive management positions including with Sunrise, Siemens, Acetrax and Sky. Pragmatic thinker and creative mind, he has a track record of finding solutions and getting things done that were more than once deemed ‘impossible’.

Uwe holds a Master degree in Design and Development from Technical University Chemnitz (Germany) and is proficient in classic and agile project management methods including in highly validated environments.